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Keyword: Destination-link formulation 
Example (offline algorithm) Description
Solves a general multilayer optimization problem formulation.

Keywords: Multilayer, Flow assignment (FA), Flow-link formulation, Destination-link formulation, Modular capacities

Solves severals variants of routing problems in the form of destination-link formulations.

Keywords: JOM, Destination-link formulation, Flow assignment (FA)

Example (online event processor) Description
This module implements a distributed primal-decomposition-based gradient algorithm, for a coordinated adjustment of the routing in multiple domains (or cluster, or autonomous systems) in a network, so that domains do not need to exchange sensitive internal information, and minimize the average number of hops in the network.

Keywords: Multidomain network, Primal decomposition, Distributed algorithm, Flow assignment (FA), Destination-based routing, Destination-link formulation