A playground for network planning and optimization

Net2Plan allows users to fast-prototype their own algorithms, or use the provided built-in ones, in an easy-to-use multi-platform environment

A complete suite

Users can evaluate their designs using either automatic report generation or post-analysis tools for network resilience, connection-admission-control and time-varying traffic resource allocation.

A technology-agnostic tool

Net2Plan's network representation makes possible to work in almost any technology. Net2Plan is built on top of an abstract (multi-layer) network representation, so-called network plan, based on abstract components such as nodes, links or traffic routes. Via component-specific user-defined attributes, users can define their technology-specific cases.

An open-source philosophy

Net2Plan enforces code reusability in two ways. The open-source nature enables code reutilization and public validation. The technology-agnostic nature permits reusing algorithms and studies for similar problems appearing in different network technologies.

A brigde between industry, research and academia

Net2Plan allows operators and ISPs to reproduce research works on their networks. Net2Plan is also a valuable resource for network planning courses that concentrate on optimization concepts and transversal planning skills, avoiding an in-depth study of technologies apparently different.