Code repository

Net2Plan's philosophy enforces code reutilization as an open repository of network planning resources (e.g. algorithms, reports) developed for specific technologies (IP, WDM, ...) or applicable to technology-agnostic networks, and thus more devoted for didactic purposes.

The resources in the repository are open for validation and verification, improving the trustworthiness of the results. The Net2Plan’s philosophy promotes software reutilization, so that algorithms can be modified or reused as parts of others.

From Net2Plan 0.4.0 onwards, the repository will be included inside the Net2Plan release as built-in example algorithms and reports. The release includes also their Javadoc documentation, indexed with keywords that assist searching for their algorithm of interest (see the menu Help in Net2Plan). Below we provide some direct links to a version of the documentation in the website:

If you want to contribute to Net2Plan with your own-developed network algorithms to be included in this repository, please contact us.

The people interested in the repository for Net2Plan 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 versions, click here