Net2Plan tool has its origins in 2011, during the preparation of the teaching materials for two new courses at Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain) taught by Prof. Pablo Pavón Mariño, in Telecommunications Engineering degrees:

  • "Telecommunication networks theory" (2nd year, 2nd quarter)
  • "Network planning and management" (3rd year, 2nd quarter)

Pablo Pavon and Jose Luis Izquierdo Zaragoza were developers of the project up to version 0.3.1, being part of Jose Luis PhD work, and Pablo continued with the project from version 0.4.0 onwards.

Since July 2016 (version 0.4.1), Net2Plan is in GitHub (here), and some other people from GIRTEL research group have been contributing, as can be seen in the GitHub tracks. I would like to thank all of them, as well as the many students, practitioners and researchers using Net2Plan, for their fruitful feedback.

Aside from Net2Plan, Pablo Pavón develops JOM, an open-source Java library for modeling and solving optimization problems in a simple MATLAB-like syntax.

Pablo Pavón Mariño